Home Sweet Home

So, who knew our baby was such a homebody! We went to Lubbock on Thursday and came back Sunday. Our trip to Lubbock normally takes about 6 hours. Well, we knew it would take longer with a baby. On Thursday, it took us 8 hours! Uggh! Abriella cried numerous times. She hates her carseat for sure! She must’ve known something was up too, and didn’t like it! Well, the entire time we were in Lubbock, she was sooo high needs! She just cried and slept the entire time we were there. And, she only wanted mommy to hold her! She didn’t want to play or anything. I think everyone thought we had the most needy baby! It was soo much work for me and Stephen while we were there.

Well, on our way home, she slept the majority of the time and we made it home in 6 1/2 hours. She knew we were going home, I guess, and she wanted to get there fast too! Then, after we got home, she just played and played and played! It was obvious that she was so happy to be home! She didn’t want to sleep either! She just babbled and kicked and waved her arms forever. Then, we thought we were ready to put her to bed, but she decided she still wanted to be up. So, we put her on the floor again to play. She played until she was falling asleep! She would close her eyes and then she would wake up again and continue playing…then she’d fall asleep again…the cycle continued for a while. Stephen and I thought it was hilarious. She’s never done that before. She just didn’t want to stop playing!

So, she obviously loves being in her home! Who knew that babies were so picky??!! But, hopefully, she will be a little bit better when we go out of town in the future. She really was needy when we were gone. It was so much work for us!

Please continue to pray for Stephen’s Mom, Pam. She’s really fighting this cancer. We continue to pray for God’s healing hand on her!

Well, I will add pictures sometime today hopefully. Have a great week everyone!

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