Growing Up So Fast!

So, our baby girl is doing some new things these days. She had a big day at church on Sunday. She went to Bible class for the first time! The lady that teaches the cradle roll has been bugging us since Abriella was just a few weeks old. haha! This lady and her husband (who is also one of the elders at church) have been teaching the cradle roll for a long time. So, we took her and dropped her off. They gave us a pager and said they’d be sure to page us or find us if they needed us. So, we went to class and when it was over, as Stephen and I walked down to her class, I told him, "Well, either our pager is broken, or she did ok!" haha! So, we went and they said she did great! They said once they started class, she sat in one of the chairs and watched every move they made for about 10 minutes, and then she fell asleep for the rest of class. hehe! That’s my girl! They said that’s pretty typical though, and said that was great! She woke up when she heard my voice though, and she did great in church as well. She’s so alert. It’s really cute. So, we’re really proud that she did so well her first visit to Bible class.

She’s also started talking a lot to us. She just coos and babbles all the time. It’s really sweet. She also really tries to mimick all the things we do with our mouths. She’s also laughing sometimes too. That’s always funny. And, sometimes she yells somewhat when she’s talking. That’s quite humorous as well. Anyway, it’s fun to watch her and listen to her as she babbles.

She also really likes her hands. She tries to stick her entire fist in her mouth! She will just get to going with her hands and it entertains her for a while.

Finally, she’s rolling onto her sides from her back. Before too long, she may make it to her tummy. She doesn’t enjoy "tummy time" too much, so I don’t think we’re too close on rolling from tummy to back yet. She can raise her head really well when on her tummy though when she wants to. Many times, she either just lays there with her head down like she’s going to sleep or she cries until you pick her up or turn her to her back again! Stubborn girl. I wonder who she gets that from!! Laughing 

Anyway, fun in the Joynerzone these days! Hope everyone has a great week!


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