So, 2-3 weeks ago, Abriella started spacing out her poopy diapers. Breastfed babies can go for 10+ days between poopy diapers at times and it’s still normal, as long as they are still runny and baby doesn’t seem distressed not pooping. So, when she started spacing them out, her gas started being very rank! I seriously never thought something so foul smelling could come from such a sweet little baby! But, it didn’t seem to bother her. It bothered those around her more than anything—she always seemed to feel especially ready to expel her gas when nursing. I couldn’t go anywhere, so I had to sit there and smell it! Uggh!

Well, she has poopy diapers every few days (the longest she’s gone is 6 days), and sometimes once a day for several days. They were full diapers, but nothing too bad. Well, today after I took my shower, I got her out of her bouncy seat (She sits in it in the bathroom while I take my shower and get ready. She enjoys watching me get ready!). She smelled stinky, but I figured she was just passing gas, but the odor lingered, which is my sign that she usually has something in the diaper. I started talking to her while taking her to change her diaper asking her if her diaper was poopy. Well, she didn’t answer me in words….BUT when I placed her on the changing table, I realized I had poo ON MY ARMS!!!! GROSS!! I cleaned that off quickly and then started taking her clothes off. It was EVERYWHERE!!! It was the most poop I have ever seen in (and OUT) this child’s diaper since she was born!! It was down her legs, up her stomach, out the diaper (obviously), on her SOCKS…!!! It was nasty!

And, to be sure you understand how much there was. She had a diaper on, a onesie, and a jumpsuit on! And, it made it through ALL of those layers! YUCK!!! And, of course, Stephen walks into the house right AFTER I was done cleaning her up (he was coming home for lunch). Excellent timing on his part! Tongue out

Anyway, thanks for indulging me by reading this story. hehe!

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