My Big Girl!!

Well, we took the plunge last night. Yesterday afternoon, I asked Abriella if she wanted to sleep in her new room that night. She looked at me and Stephen with this concerned look and shook her head no! Uh-oh! Well, Stephen and I later figured she was a little smarter than us at the time. She was looking at that room and clearly saw that there wasn’t even a mattress in there, probably wondering where in the world we thought she was going to sleep! Anyway, Stephen thought we should wait, but I figured no time like the present. So, I proceeded to move her mattress and monitors. I also took her crib bumper out of her crib and tied it around the toddler bed. Figured that I should try to make it as easy as possible since she’s still 19 months old.

Well, after I put the mattress in there, she wanted to play in the bed. Another scary sign! She loves to climb in and out, in and out… Our fear was that she would do this during the night! But, alas, we continued with the plan to move her. Moved her books, sound machine, and table lamp in there. So, it was a go.

I put her to bed last night since it was my night, and Stephen was going to sing at the nursing home. I was nervous, but we did everything as usual. Then, I laid her in the bed, and she didn’t make a sound! She went right to sleep! Stephen came home, expecting some chaos, but was surprised to find otherwise! Well, I was still paranoid throughout the night,  wondering if she was going to wake up and get out of bed to play or whatnot, so I heard every sound she made. She often talks in her sleep, and every time she did, I looked in the video monitor to check on her.

Well, just after 3:00am, I heard her, and I looked and…um, empty bed!! BUT, there wasn’t any noise coming from her room either. So, I was conflicted as to whether I should go in her room or not. Well, after a few minutes, trying to be the good mother, I decided I should go investigate. I went in and couldn’t see a thing since it was so dark, so I fumbled my way to her bed, figuring she was probably on the rug or somewhere close to the bed. Well, I found her right at the part of the bed where there is no railing, and it felt like she was sitting up (asleep, mind you) with her head against the mattress. I just picked her up and put her right back in bed, and all I heard from her was a soft, “no, no.” HAHA! I doubt she has any idea that even occurred!

So, my guess is that she somehow got close to that rail-less area with her feet hanging off, and somehow just slid down onto the floor. I think it was all in her sleep, and she certainly didn’t do it on purpose, but it wasn’t her falling out of bed either. We did buy a cushy rug that we put right in front of her bed though, just in case she did fall, since we have wood floors.

She stayed in bed the rest of the night, and this morning, she just sat up and called for me over and over as she typically does, and she sat in her bed until I got in there. She didn’t climb out of anything even though she easily can! I’m so proud of her!!!

We still had nap time to try out. She did great with that too! I thought for sure that would be the biggest test of wills, but she went right to sleep and didn’t get out of bed. When she woke up, she called for me and waited until I got in there, and then she climbed out of bed. Such a big girl!!

She far exceeded our expectations! I think Stephen was even more shocked than I was. We were both pleasantly surprised though. All that worrying for nothing!! She really likes her room too. She does like to go in there during the day and play in her bed and play with the toys that are in there that are hidden in her toy chest (limited amount at this time!). Abriella, you are such a big girl, and we are sooo proud of you!!

I will add pictures once Stephen shows me how to upload them onto this new Linux thing. Stay tuned!

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4 Responses to My Big Girl!!

  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    Ah, she is a little girl, not a baby anymore! I am glad that she is adapting well. Tell her that her GaGa loves her.

  2. Rebecca says:

    Yea for Abriella! What a load off of your mind 🙂

  3. Beth says:

    I’m so glad you were worried for nothing! She is such a big girl!

  4. Jessica says:

    So sweet!

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