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Well, Stephen has decided to complicate our website by having things on different blogs. I guess I’ll put some on my own personal page, although I’ve been the one to write all of them up to this point. I don’t know what to put on our blog and which ones to put on my blog. Oh well.

Anyway, I got this new hairdo last week. I got a perm, which when I say that, it sounds really old like to me. I don’t know why. Anyway, it turned out really good, and I thought it was going to be a lot of fun. Well, I’ve never had a perm before, and the lady who did my hair knew that. She told me all about how to wash my hair and what products to use (of course, she recommended some expensive ones that they sold at the salon). She told me all this stuff, yet didn’t tell me that I wasn’t supposed to get my hair wet or wash it for at least 48 hours! And, me, not having had a perm before, didn’t know! So, I wet my hair the next morning, and then washed it the next evening…Still not knowing I had done anything wrong…until I noticed a lot of the curl was going out of my hair! Some areas are practically straight! Then, I looked up on the internet about washing permed hair, and learned the above information. I found out that it’s not just washing, but wetting it. The hot water opens up the hair shafts and allows the chemicals that have just been added to your hair to change or something, and your hair can revert to its relaxed state. So, I think that’s the situation we’re in now. I called the salon today and talked to the receptionist. She has put in a message to the lady that did my hair…of course, she was off today. So, I’ll be having a chat with her in the morning. The problem is that I think you can burn your hair if you re-perm back to back, so I might have to wait a few weeks to do so. Anyway, I’ll see what she has to say. I definitely want a refund or a credit though. She was supposed to tell me. So, that’s the hair drama in our house right now. I’ll let you know how it ends. –Jen

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