Hair Update

Ok, for all those out there that are dying to know the rest of my hair saga, here it is. So, my hair was looking pretty bad by the time my hair lady called me on Tuesday morning. I’m ready to give a big fight and so forth on the phone…. However, she says, "So, I got your note. When would you like to reperm your hair?" WHOA, no fight at all! Well, after getting past the idea that maybe I might burn my hair (whatever that means), especially after asking her if it was too soon to reperm, she told me to come in that morning since I was off of work. I had read that sometimes you can burn your hair if you reperm too quickly. But, she told me that it would be ok. So, I went in, and got my hair repermed. She didn’t leave the stuff on quite as long, so as to not burn it, I suppose. It was great, and FREE, of course! She said that the day after she had done my original perm, she was doing some other lady’s perm, and she realized then that she had forgotten to tell me not to wash my hair…. So, I guess she just wasn’t that surprised to get a phone call from me. So, as annoying as it was to get my hair permed twice in 5 days, it all turned out fine. So, now, we are in the 48 hr time period of not getting the hair wet. It looks fine today, but it might be looking real crazy tomorrow. We’ll see. So, I’ve only gotten good reviews on the new ‘do, so either everybody’s really good liars, or it is a good change. After I’m able to wash my hair, we will consider putting a picture on the site so you can judge for yourselves. Hmmm, maybe I don’t like that idea. We’ll see. So, that’s all for now, folks! –jen Laughing

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