36 Weeks and Counting…

Well, I’m 36 weeks pregnant today. I really like getting to this point for the fact that they will deliver me at the birth center after this point, so that takes a load off of my mind. Plus, the obvious fact that I’m getting near the end. How close? Well, that’s for God to know…BUT, I’m up for any guesses (we’ll avoid the “bet” word to keep this wholesome! ha!). To help you with your guesses, I’ll add some details.

1. Last pregnancy, my water broke at 36 6/7 wks, and I delivered 50 minutes into 37 wks!

2. Today, I was dilated to 1-2 cm/ 80% effaced / and he’s hanging out low at 0 station already. Typically, you wouldn’t necessarily be checked at this point, but since I delivered earlier last time, I asked them to check me, just to see where I might be, although it can mean nothing at all.

But, I think the scariest part of this exam to me is the effacement. My cervix is almost completely thinned out, which makes dilation a lot easier to occur…and, typically in patients who’ve had babies before, the effacement actually happens later rather than earlier.

The fact that his head is low doesn’t surprise me. I can FEEL that! I’ve been feeling pelvic pressure for weeks now, but I do feel it’s been a little more intense the last few days. However, that pelvic pressure is very common in subsequent pregnancies from early on, and often times, the babies really aren’t low, but it feels like they are. The fact that he IS actually low by exam may have surprised me slightly, but not too much.

Often times, in subsequent pregnancies, the dilation, effacement, and baby “dropping” all occur simultaneously in labor.

3. I haven’t felt any contractions lately except Braxton-Hicks contractions, but I’ve felt those since around 17 wks. They don’t hurt, but they feel uncomfortable in the fact that it feels like Colby is coming out of my butt when I have them. Sorry if that’s TMI, but it’s the truth.

4. The midwife today guessed him to weigh around 6 pounds at this point. Abriella was 6-6 at birth.

That’s all the details I’ll add. Does that help anyone? Leave your guess in the comments and we’ll see who is right!

Saturday, I was given a baby shower at church. It was at Amanda’s house (where else?!). I had 9 lovely hostesses and ended up getting quite a few good things. I continued to get more goodies at church the next day. What a blessing to be given a shower for a 2nd baby. I know many people are not blessed with that.

Here are a few pictures of me on Saturday at 35 4/7 wks.

No, I don’t have orange appendages, but Abriella decided she needed to be in the picture in this next one:

And, me with the hostesses:

Anyway, we are trying to get ready around here for another baby. We haven’t packed our bag for the birth center yet. Last time, we did it on a Saturday, and the NEXT day, my water broke! Talk about good timing! This time, I’m trying to be prepared for a 37 wk delivery (just in case), but also be ok with going much further in pregnancy (you never know), but I think I’m honestly NOT ready for anything BEFORE 37 wks! It will be a surprise whenever he decides to come!

Ok, I think I had more to say in this post, but my mind just totally blanked out. I know, big surprise during pregnancy! Anyway, I will try to add some pictures of Abriella in another post soon.

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