I think we’re about as ready as we can be for Mr. Colby. I am so proud of myself …well, with a LOT of help from Stephen. I’ve washed, cleaned, organized, put away, written thank you cards, etc, until I can’t do anymore. I feel very at ease now with everything. Obviously, we’ll never REALLY be ready for a new member to the family, but the physical environment is ready. And, that’s way more than I can say for last time we went through this. So, now, we just sit back, and wait for the little guy to decide when he wants to come.

I took a few pictures of the nursery today to share with any that are interested. The changing table is just the set-up until he moves in there permanantly. He’ll be in the cradle in our room for a little while, and I have his changing pad in there for now. We had a diaper changing area in our room with Abriella as well for those night changings.

So, here are some pictures:

For those that don’t remember from before and are wondering about the crazy things tied on the crib…well, that was when Abriella was chewing on the rails like a beaver. She pulled off the other things we had put on there, and then I found these soft protectors, and they worked wonders! So, obviously, they stayed.

His curtains:

We put the mirror back up beside the changing area. It’ll stay there until he kicks it off the wall like his sister did when she was older. But, she loved it when she was a baby!

Yes, I know I haven’t tied down the bumper pads yet. I guess I’m not TOTALLY done in there, but no hurry on that one as far as I see it. We’ll do that after we put the angel monitor in there.

The chair I spent MANY hours in with Abriella, and in which I anticipate many hours with her little brother!

Close-up of the lamp that my Mom and I found at Hobby Lobby. Cute, eh?

Another Hobby Lobby find. Such a cute frame.

Ok, that’s the brief tour of the nursery. We always like to keep it fairly simple. I look forward to putting our little guy in there!

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