Catching Up

So, there are a lot of pictures that I haven’t posted. So, I’ll go back and try to pick a few to give you an idea of what Abriella has been up to over the last few months.

First, here were some of her in her big girl bed. She was just playing here. By the way, she’s done wonderfully in there. She never gets out of it. She sleeps great in there! I hope all future children do just as well in that transition! This picture actually shows how she normally sleeps…in that corner. She did the same thing in her crib, too.

Reading her Bible:

Here are a few pictures from when my Mom came to visit at Spring Break:

Trying to get close to the kitty cat in the yard:

Here are some pictures of her playing in the rain recently. She clearly wasn’t worried about getting wet!

Here she is with some of her yard tools that her Grandma sent her:

We had to buy her some yard gloves since Dadda had some:

Here is a picture of Daddy fixing her hair (per her request). But, clearly, she wasn’t happy with me taking a picture to prove it!

Reading with Dadda in the back yard:

Just being cute. Look at those baby blues! I just love them!

Here she is sitting on the big potty. We finally just decided to get one of those seats that are the adult and juvenile seats so we don’t have to deal with a potty seat or the seat on the toilet. And, no, we are not potty training right now. When she wants to get on there, we let her, and there are many times she has peed on the potty. But, then there are many times when she just likes to sit there and play with the toilet paper.

And, here, she kept telling us that her shorts were falling! Hehe!

And, here’s how we like to eat in our house…in style of course! Notice that one of her bears had to sit beside her here as well. By the way, she’s been eating with utensils for quite a while now, and she really is very good at it. She occasionally resorts to her hands still, but she does like to eat with her forks and spoons. Here, she was eating cereal, which she only started doing when she saw her Daddy doing it, so instead of sharing his own, he gave her a bowl of her own.

Ok, I think that is a brief overview of all the pictures I had neglected to post over the last few months. We just adore Abriella and we are anxious to see how she reacts to her baby brother when he arrives. She is such a sweet girl, and we are so blessed to have her in our lives! We love you, baby girl!!

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