I have had several questions about Master’s Swimming . It is for swimmers age 18 and older, therefore, not in the age group swimming anymore. I am still wanting to possibly join the group in Temple. The team is at the end of their summer season, so the coach won’t be back in town until late August. Then, I will go up to the pool and learn more info. I hope the timing of their practices will jive with my schedule. It is the Temple Area Swim Club that I would be swimming with. I have been emailing the coach, Jason, for info. So, I’ll keep everyone updated on that. I haven’t had anytime to do anymore swim lessons since I’ve been back from the family reunion. My schedule has been so busy, I’ve been exhausted.  

I stopped my anti-thyroid med a week ago, for those of you that know what I’m talking about. I will get my thyroid rechecked in 2 months, and hopefully, it will be normal still, and I will be done with meds forever. Keep that in your prayers please. 

My brother is supposed to be coming home from Iraq in early September. Debbie is supposed to be back a few days before him. Praying for the safe return of both of them.

I think that’s the latest with me. There are more pics on our site from the family reunion. Enjoy.

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