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Snot or Treat

Ok, gross title, I know. So anyway, the child has not been feeling up to par lately.  Tuesday night, she was crying out off and on all night long, which she doesn’t do. I kept looking at the video monitor, … Continue reading

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So, I was tagged by Amanda to find my sixth photo file and post the sixth picture in that file. Well, I decided to mix it up a bit. I think I’m allowed to do that. I actually stole this … Continue reading

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Dog Shows and Pumpkin Patches!

We’ve had a lot of fun with Abriella lately. This last Friday, I took her to one pumpkin patch, which she loved! She calls pumpkins “puh puh” and she will point them out ANYWHERE we go! She gets a little … Continue reading

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Latest Stats

This is just a quickie post. Abriella had her 15 month appointment yesterday (about a week late), but she’s doing great! She now weighs 21 pounds 5 oz (25%) and is 30 inches (50%). She is doing everything she’s supposed … Continue reading

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Second Pregnancy Woes

God is good! I’m feeling much differently with this pregnancy (knock on wood). I’m nauseated, but not all the time, and I’m not puking. Hallelujah! So, I can now say with first hand knowledge (which I already knew from being … Continue reading

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I’ve Got a New Bed!

Ok, it’s not as grand as it sounds. Lately, on top of the nausea and major fatigue, I’ve had allergies…that turned into a very bad sinus headache! EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING, from my shoulders up HURT. I couldn’t turn my … Continue reading

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What to say when there are no words…

Some good friends of mine (and many others that read this blog) lost their daughter last week when she was born prematurely. She was a perfect, beautiful, sweet angel named Sophie Grace. This has hit our group at church very … Continue reading

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