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WARNING: POOP DISCUSSED IN THIS POST So, 2-3 weeks ago, Abriella started spacing out her poopy diapers. Breastfed babies can go for 10+ days between poopy diapers at times and it’s still normal, as long as they are still runny … Continue reading

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Growing Up So Fast!

So, our baby girl is doing some new things these days. She had a big day at church on Sunday. She went to Bible class for the first time! The lady that teaches the cradle roll has been bugging us … Continue reading

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Home Sweet Home

So, who knew our baby was such a homebody! We went to Lubbock on Thursday and came back Sunday. Our trip to Lubbock normally takes about 6 hours. Well, we knew it would take longer with a baby. On Thursday, … Continue reading

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Well, we might be crazy, but we really think Abriella is getting a tooth! We know that they are usually the front teeth first, and it’s a little early, but what we see is on the top right towards the … Continue reading

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Why Cry?

So, why is it that babies cry and whine when they are tired? Why can’t they just close their eyes and go to sleep? But no. Instead, they want to fight it and make you work hard to get them … Continue reading

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