What a big week for the buddy!

Well, as if potty training wasn’t enough of a change this week, now we have converted his crib to the toddler bed. We didn’t use the crib this way with Abriella. We just bought her another bed since we were expecting Colby soon. Earlier this week, Colby was doing his typical yelling in the morning, and I was about to go upstairs and get him when I heard crying and then I heard his door open and him coming downstairs. I’m guessing he slipped while climbing out of his crib. His wearing footed sleepers has helped keep him from climbing out at night…until now. Well, this morning, about 10 minutes to 7am, we hear a door open and close upstairs. Figured it was the daughter coming out before her light turned green. Well, in a short minute, we hear another door open, and then we hear Colby cheerfully saying “HI” to his sister. They were both on their way downstairs. Colby was actually the first door opening, and Abriella heard him, so she came out of her room. Fantastic!

So, we figured the crib “jail” was no longer doing its job, so we just removed the front part of the crib and converted it to the toddler bed. I had to rig his bumper around the bed so that the end of it with the tags was still accessible. The absence of his thumb sucking companion would likely have sent him over the edge! HA!

So, he is currently sleeping in there for his first nap. When I first left him and closed the door, he quickly got upset and crawled out, turned his sound machine off, and came out his door. I was standing right there, picked him up, and quietly took him and placed him right back in his bed. He didn’t get out again, and he went to sleep! Yeah!

So, the potty training is still occurring. I still occasionally put diapers on him during the day (at his request), but he doesn’t do anything in them. He still waits to go on the potty. Well, we still put diapers on him for nap and night-time. I have no inclination whatsoever to eliminate those at this time! His only hangup is the poop. He has pooped successfully on the potty a couple of times (the first couple of days), but now, he says, “poop” and he goes to the potty, but then you cannot convince him to sit and wait for it. He says, “all done” over and over until you get him off the potty or he climbs off. He will make several trips to the potty doing this until he finally just goes in his undies, or he does it during naptime. Then, he announces “poop!” HA!  Otherwise, he does great! Surprisingly great!

So, clearly Colby is ready to grow up faster than we are wanting him to. We were just holding out on the bed for a while and certainly weren’t planning on PT him. So, right now, we’re just trying to keep up with HIM! ~sigh~ I’m not ready for him to be this big! 🙁

Today, we got out a pool that I bought a couple of years ago at a consignment sale. Stephen aired it up, filled it up, and let the kids go to town. They loved it! I got a few pictures of them. We also video’d a little bit. I need to upload some more video to share. Soon hopefully.

Here are some pictures to enjoy!

Whale pool
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2 Responses to What a big week for the buddy!

  1. Chrissy says:

    Love the pool. My kids would have the best time in it.

  2. Mom/Grandma says:

    I like the pool, but what happened to the other one?

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