#2 Success

Well, if your mind went to the gutter, then you’re right. I am talking poop. As I’ve said in a previous post, Colby was doing good on the teetee in the potty, but not real good on the pooping. He went a couple of times at the beginning, but not since, and didn’t seem interested in doing so. It was either in the undies or in his naptime/nighttime diaper. He never went poop yesterday, so I knew we were probably in for it today.

This morning, he was in the living room while I was cleaning up the kitchen, and he yells out, “poop” and I figured he had already done it in his undies, but he hadn’t. I sat him on the potty, and he did it! I was proud of him, and he was, too! The 3 m&m’s as a reward certainly were icing on the cake for him. He didn’t have a single accident today, either! We went to Walmart, the library, out to eat for lunch, and then to church tonight. He had big boy undies on all day, and kept them dry! So proud of him! I also love how he will go on any toilet anywhere. No little potty chairs or the like for us! I guess all his time spent sitting on potties for a few months paid off! HA!

And, I don’t know if this is a boy thing, or just a different child thing. But, Colby is so different than Abriella on this potty thing. When he sits on the potty, he goes right away. There is no sitting around, waiting, reading books, etc, with him. There is no drama. He just does it and moves on with life. So different! I definitely prefer his way over hers!

So, I guess he really was ready to potty train. Who knew? If he is going to have accidents, it’s usually going to be close to bedtime. That’s when he is just tired and doesn’t want to do anything for anybody. We’ve at least figured that much out with him. So, I was figuring we might have some wet pants at church, but he did great. No wet undies all day! Yay Colby!

Sorry, no pictures today. Just wanted to document this little potty victory. HA!

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