2 Months

Ridley is 2 months old, as of  Thursday! I took him to his well-check, and he checked out pretty well! He does have a stuffy nose, which we knew, and the doctor suggested I get some saline to put in his nose. Poor guy hates it! He had his first round of immunizations, too. He hated those as well! You just hate to see them cry so hard (face turning purple kind of crying) that they don’t even take a breath for a few seconds. After I picked him up and nursed him for a little bit, he was happier. He was kind of sad the rest of the day though. Tylenol helped that.

He now weighs 11 pounds (5 lbs gain from his weight of 6 lbs at 3 days old!) and measures 22 inches in length (was 20 inches at birth) and his head circumference is 37.5 cm (was 32.5cm at birth).  So, he’s growing very well! According to the pediatrician, his measurements put him at 50% in weight, 25% in length, and 10% in head circumference (good ole Joyner small head!).  He’s definitely Stephen’s child! 🙂

Here is his 2 month chair picture. I tried to sneak one in before going to the doctor. He was not in the mood for pictures. This was as good as it got.

If you go back to June 2009 and look at Colby’s 2 month picture, he was all smiles! Not Mr. Ridley! 🙂

What is Ridley doing these days, you ask? Well, he is still very stingy on the smiles. He is more stoic than his siblings were at this age. We have to work more to get smiles from his at this point. He is wearing size 2 diapers in disposable diapers. We have started cloth diapering him as well, but haven’t gone full-time on that just yet. Some of them just don’t fit him right just yet, but he’ll grow into them.

He is very different in one very key area…sleeping! His siblings started sleeping long stretches at night around 6 wks. Not so with the Ridster! I am happy to get 3 hrs between feeds at night. He does usually have one longer sleep early in the night (you know, when we are not even in bed yet!), such as 7-11 or 8-12 or sometimes a little more.

He doesn’t care for a pacifier. I don’t know what we do wrong in that area, since none of our kids took one consistently. He acts like it’s gagging him and actually starts gagging. I’m kind of hoping he finds his thumb at this point! He has started sucking on his hand a bit (not when hungry), so maybe he’s going towards the thumb sucking?! Time will tell!

He loves his bouncy seat. He usually has a short nap in there at some point. He doesn’t like the swing. Once again, no surprise amongst our kids. I am selling that bad boy in the next consignment sale. It just takes up too much space for no use!

Another thing about him is that he loves for his daddy to rock him at night! He is pretty consistent in that he will nurse, but then he wants someone to rock him, and it’s not me that he wants to do that task! Abriella had to be nursed to sleep. Colby–I don’t really remember. But, Ridley, he wants some time with his daddy in the evening! So sweet.

Well, that’s all for now, I think! I will add some cute bluebonnet pictures later, hopefully.

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  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    Ridley is one handsome little dude!

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