8 months!

Here is Ridley on Friday, September 22nd, at 8 months.

And, another one:

This has been a busy month for Ridley!

*on September 11th, I went in to get him from his nap in the morning. When I went in, he was on his knees with his hands on the crib rail. As I asked him what he was doing, he smiled a big ole smile as he proceeded to pull to standing before my very eyes! I truly thought we had more time before that one. The crib mattress has been lowered…

*saw him in the video monitor during his afternoon nap on the same day sitting in the MIDDLE of his crib. So, he got to sitting on his own accord, which he had never done before. He has become a completely independent sitter, able to get into and out of sitting position with great ease.

*still combat crawling, but very quickly. He only does 1 or 2 crawl steps on his knees, so not sure when/if he’ll ever switch over to that one. he gets on his hands and knees and even up on his hands and feet (with his bottom way up in the air) all the time, but just doesn’t do a hands/knees crawl

*tooth number 3 cut through last Wednesday (the 19th). it’s his top right tooth.

*wearing 6-9 months clothes still. I occasionally put him in 12 month clothes, but just b/c I have long-sleeves in that size.

*can pick up some food to eat, like cheerios, ritz crackers, puffs, wagon wheels. and, this is about all he wants to eat. he does not care for jar baby food. he may be like Abriella was in this area, where he just wants to wait until he can eat things on his own (finger foods), and just skip over the jar food. Colby ate jar food like a champ, but Ridley does not seem to lean that direction. He’s really good at pursing his lips closed—doesn’t cry or get angry, but just refuses to open his mouth for you. Little stinker.

*no idea how much he weighs. he is not fat by any means though.

*getting to where he clearly loves to be with his momma more than anyone else, but he will go to others, but reaches for me anytime i’m near. 🙂

*breastfeeding like a champ

*usually wakes 1 or 2 times a night. he went a few nights without waking at all, but then that tooth started bothering him, and he had (and still does) a yucky snotty nose, so that has lead to some increased night waking. he’s getting better with the nose and with that tooth breaking through, he is back to only a couple of times waking.

*loves to grab and pull on hair, earrings…

*much more into playing with toys and in his exersaucer

*loves to be in the playroom and crawl all over the floor, getting into trouble. 🙂

*smiley, happy baby: people always comment on how they never see him cry, and he always seems happy. well, that’s pretty much him. he’s just a good baby! definitely a good 3rd baby!

*usually starts eating for bed around 5:30 or a bit later, if we can hold him off. he just likes to go to bed early! usually up around 7 or 7:30 for the day, and takes a nap at 9 and 1, and maybe some other times, if his day is disrupted for whatever reason.

*super, super wiggly! the boy just wants to be down on the ground moving most of the time, i think. so, it’s hard to hold the boy in church or at gymnastics or wherever we may be at the time.

That’s about it for this month, I believe! God knew we needed this little guy in our family! He is pretty special!!

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