Dress Up

It is always evident when a younger sibling has an older sister. Dress up clothes are usually heavily swayed towards the female gender. Yet, little guys love to dress up, too. The result? Little boys in princess outfits and tutus!  Colby did it and now, Ridey does, too! Here is proof! (Sorry for the blur of several of them. They were camera pics and those are not the highest quality pictures.). The last picture is of Abriella dressed up. Funny thing was…we were grocery shopping! She had dressed up at home and was getting ready to put on a show. I had just come home from an appointment (Stephen was home watching them), and I really needed to go to the grocery store. She asked if she could wear her outfit to the store. I was like, why not?! So, off we went to the store with Abriella in high style! HA!

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