The Power of Music

Allright, I’m afraid with the action going on over at Nat’s blog my results are going to be skewed here, but we’re going for it anyway.

 A few weeks ago Jennifer and I went with some friends to see Les Miserables in Dallas. It was awesome. All the performers were supremely talented, and it really got me hooked on the musical. Fortunately at some point last year we had purchased the broadway soundtrack, but had never listened to it. I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit lately and the thought occurred to me.

 And this is where I’d like to hear everyone else’s opinion.

 Which genders voice do you prefer?

 Personally I like male vocals better. That’s possible because I like to sing with them 🙂 but I also think the male voice has a timbre and vibrance to it that most female voices do not carrry.

 What do you think? Let me know…..

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