Whoa Baby!

We continue to have a stubborn child   –  I still blame that on Stephen! HAHA! She basically refuses to take naps 9/10ths of the time. What child doesn’t need a nap? Mine apparently. I think she “sneaks” naps in while nursing though. She does what some call “nap nursing.” She’s basically asleep, but she’s nursing while sleeping. She may do this for 45 minutes. Well, I’ve tried unlatching her and sticking a pacifier in…no such luck. I’ve tried just to unlatch her and place her in her crib…also to no avail. I’ve tried it all. She gets mad unless she latches back on and finishes her “nap.” Crazy child!

She’s got so many new sounds that are entertaining though. We enjoy her talking. It’s funny, especially when she’s nursing, and she pulls back, looks at me, and starts talking to me. I guess she’s telling me about her day! She does this the most in the evening. She’s starting to really like her exersaucer. She was in it for 20 minutes today before she decided she was done with it. That’s the longest ever. She was just going around in circles and playing with all the toys. I’m glad she likes it.

Stephen had a full day with Abriella on Saturday. I took my first call in Labor and Delivery since before she was born! I have to admit…I was really looking forward to being away for a day. Don’t get me wrong  — I love my child, but I love her even more when I’m away from her for a little bit. I just needed a break, and working at the hospital was just what I needed! I’ll get to do that probably about once a month. I wouldn’t want to work full-time, but I certainly like it every now and then. Abriella did great with all of her bottles of breastmilk. She and Stephen were both alive when I got home, so that was good too!

Stephen’s dad is coming this weekend. We’re always glad to have family here, but I’m really looking forward to him coming this weekend, because he’s going to babysit!! Friday night, Stephen’s boss is having a Christmas party. We were going to drag Abriella along, but David said that he’d watch her. This will be the first time Stephen and I have been out on a “date” since she was born! I’m soooo excited! Again, not that I don’t love my child, but it will be nice to get out with just Stephen, even if it is to some work Christmas party.

I forgot to mention last month that we celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on November 8th! Well, our celebration consisted of us saying “Happy Anniversary” to each other. We were in Lubbock that week, and things just didn’t work out for us to really do anything. That’s fine.  I can’t believe it’s been 4 years. We’ve done so much in those 4 years. I look forward to many more anniversaries with the love of my life!

Also, on my Thanksgiving post (I know, it was short and lame), I didn’t mention that we have discovered that Abriella loves….FOOTBALL! She watched a lot of it during the holidays, and she was so enthralled. Of course, her daddy is proud. She gets pretty bored with the commercials, but when the game comes back on, she’s all interested again. So, when Stephen watched her on Saturday, what did they do??? You guessed it…they watched football. That’s really the only TV she’s watched, so I guess there are worse things she could be watching.

Well, I took Abriella to get some holiday pictures the other day….disaster! She wanted to be in a grumpy mood that day. The 3 pictures (yep, ONLY 3) that were decent still weren’t good enough for me to purchase anything. Her eyes were all puffy in the pictures from crying. So, we ended up doing our own photo shoot here on Sunday. We got some cute ones. We picked one and ordered some holiday cards from Snapfish. I tell you, it’s a whole lot cheaper to do it that way! So many people and places want to charge you an arm and a leg JUST FOR THE SITTING! That doesn’t even include any pictures. No thank you!

Well, I think that’s about it for now. The child is actually taking a nap now. She didn’t want to. This is the first one she’s taken today though (it’s 3:30 now). Anyway,  hopefully, she’ll take a good one. We’ll see.

Hope everyone else is doing well. Also, hope you’ve all done more Christmas shopping than I have!!

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  1. Mom/Grandma Miller says:

    I am glad that all went well while you were at work! I know that you will also enjoy your first “date” since Abriella came along. Christmas shopping? You mean, its that time again??????

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