Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Whew, what a week with Abriella. She has recently forgotten that she is our good sleeper! She fights ALL naps, and when she finally goes down for one, IF she goes down, she sleep for about 25 minutes!! WHAT?! Then, she has been waking up at night a couple of times as well. UGGH! As if that’s not bad enough in itself, it’s worse when you have company that gets to hear her all the time too. My poor Mom slept in the living room RIGHT next to Abriella’s room, so she always heard her before I did. Ooops.

Abriella also didn’t feel well the day before Thanksgiving nor the day of T-day. She ran a slight temp the day before, and we gave her Tylenol and so forth. Poor baby didn’t really enjoy her first turkey day! That in turn made it harder for us parents, but we still had a good time. My Mom, Grandma, and Brother all came to see us. They all enjoyed the baby, of course. She was much more normal on Friday, which was good, since I left them for 2 1/2 hours in the morning to watch her while I went to get my hair cut. She was great for them.

Thanksgiving MorningMeeting Uncle Mike

Tired Abriella Sucking ThumbFour Generations
I will post more later, but I’m tired. I did add a bunch of pictures, but I have yet to caption each of them. I will get to that later. I think I’ll head to bed now though. I hope everyone else had a blessed Thanksgiving!!

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