All I Want For Christmas Is…


This is Abriella’s first Santa visit. She looks thrilled, eh? (click on the picture once, and then a second time to see it bigger). Hey, at least she wasn’t screaming! So, I would have to say that the photography skills of this “photographer” were … hmmm, how should I put it….Lacking?? Ok, she was just awful! Do you think you would respond positively to a horn being blown repeatedly in your face, or a collar of bells shaking in your face???!! I was actually quite proud of Abriella for not screaming bloody murder at the woman! She just kind of sat there and dealt with the nonsensical tactics of this woman. Well, she even ignored her totally for a while and looked at all the people walking around in the mall! hehe, good girl! She knows when to tune crazy things out! Anyway, she did smile once, but of course, that woman didn’t catch that, so we have this weird expression on Abriella’s face, but hey, what more could you expect in a 2 minute photo shoot in the mall??

So, here is what she told Santa she wanted this year. First, she assured him that she had been nothing less than a complete angel so far in her life!! She can be convincing at times (to those that don’t know better!).

Dearest Santa, I am such a sweet angel to my lovely parents! They are the best parents a baby girl could ask for! I turned 5 months old yesterday, so I’ll be a big 5 1/2 months by the time you come by. I’m growing so fast that my parents can hardly keep me clothed, so that is one of my requests: clothes that fit me, and that would be size 6-9 months size. I am also looking forward to starting to eat solids in January when I turn 6 months old, although I’m really watching mommy and daddy eat now, and I’m wishing they would let me go ahead and start now! But, since mommy is pretty set on the 6 month thing, I guess I will continue to be patient, and seeing as I have nothing to eat with, I’d like some eating utensils and so forth for my size. I’d also like a sippy cup with handles on both sides, so I can play with that and learn how to drink from one of those. How fun! I also like it when mommy reads to me (well, if I can manage to sit still…I really like to move around), so books for my age would also be great! I’m getting smarter everyday! Then, of course, I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t say I wanted some toys! What kid doesn’t like toys!?!? Santa, remember that I have been REALLY, REALLY good! You don’t even have to ask my mommy~~you can just take my word for it! Really! Ok?? Alright, that’s all for now. Tell Rudolph I’ll be looking for him this Christmas!! Thanks, Santa!


P.S. I really would like my 2 front teeth as well. They are so close!!”

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2 Responses to All I Want For Christmas Is…

  1. I think it is a very sweet picture! This is our forth year of Santa pics and I have yet to get one that I like, and we even saw him twice this year!
    She’s such a cutie! See you tonight. What a fun note, too!

  2. Steph says:

    LOL, her Christmas list looks just like *my* Abriellas list. Sippy cups, clothes in the 6-9 month range and two front teeth, hahaha. She is a doll in that pic of her with Santa! Too cute! How do you get her to keep the bow in her hair? When I took my Abriella to have her pic done with Santa, she just laughed and laughed at him. I guess next year will be the age when tears and fright come from a Santa visit, eh? Merry Christmas!

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