The Sickness is Making the Rounds…

So, Stephen was the first, then Abriella, and now me! Uggh! Abriella seems to be on the mend. I just hope we don’t pass it around again. Several people in Stephen’s family also have similar symptoms. Maybe we should quarantine….! Just kidding. Anyway, today, Abriella opened her first Christmas gifts. We did part of Christmas while Grandma Joyner and Aunt Cindy were here. They had to leave today. Abriella really wanted to eat the wrapping more than anything. We’ll post pics when we get home. We’ll have the rest of Christmas on the actual day. The tree looks good, the air is festive, and all are enjoying each other’s company! Abriella is enjoying everyone carrying her around. She’s been very sweet.  She’s just had the runny nose, a slight temp off and on, and her bottom gums look more swollen than I’ve ever seen them, so she may be about to pop those teeth through. We’ll see. Anyway, just a short newsy note. I hope everyone is enjoying Christmas in their various locations!

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