Six Months of Abriella!

Abriella about 20 minutes oldOur sweet girl at 20 minutes old, just a yelling!

One Month OldOne month old—-I guess that bow was a little much, but wasn’t she cute!Two Months OldTwo months old—-Such a sweet smile, and it’s even better now!

Three Months OldThree months old—-Stylin’ in her hat!

Four Months OldFour months old—-Growing up so much, hanging out in the exersaucer.

Five Months OldFive months old—-One little hot mama on a motorcycle!

Six Months OldSix months old—-Naked at the day she was born, but just sweet as ever!

I can’t believe we are already halfway to her first birthday. She’s changed so much. We just adore her, and we look forward to the next 6 months, and the next ones, and the next ones……It really does go by so fast! Here’s to loving you, Abriella Grace Joyner!

(hint: click on the pics once, and then click on it again, and it gets bigger).

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