10 Months of Colby

I need to do the post about what Colby is doing at 10 months, especially since we are nearly 2 wks past when he turned 10 months!! So, here goes, in no particular order.

* Wears size 12 months clothes and some 18 month clothes.

* Has 7 teeth that we know of. He’s not real good at letting us look in his mouth or feel around in there!

* Loves his sister! He thinks she is the most hilarious person! When they are in the car, him rear-facing and her forward facing, they just crack each other up! So sweet! Also, loves to chase her! Just laughs and laughs while she runs around and he tries to catch her by crawling!

* Loves to annoy his sister as well. He is all boy in that regard! Typical baby brother, huh?

* Crawling everywhere…FAST! We have to close all doors in the house to keep him out of trouble. Doesn’t stop him from crawling to each of them and banging on them to make sure they aren’t open! If you leave one open, he WILL find out!

* Still totally has a radar for everything he is NOT supposed to have or get into. It’s simply amazing. We totally have to stay on our toes with that boy!

* Pulling up and cruising all over the place. However, I don’t think we are close to walking because he still turns his feet and toes under so much. Doesn’t bother me though. Although it would somewhat be helpful when he is able to walk unassisted, I know it’s a long time before they actually want to walk places and not be carried! Abriella still likes to be carried!

* Weighs somewhere around 21 pounds.

* Due to teething, has been waking up more than he should at night. We did manage to get him down to 1 time at night during this month.

* Nursing, but so easily distracted! Do not enjoy this stage as it’s often a fight to get them to eat because they’d rather talk and play than eat…then they want to get up at night to catch up. NO THANK YOU!

* Eating solids well. Eats pretty much any type of baby food we give him. He eats stage 1, 2, and 3 baby food.

* Daily “schedule” typically like this: Get up between 6:30 and 7am and nurses. Eats some cheerios off and on in the morning. 9am: nurses for nap. Generally sleeps until 10:30 or 11am. Eats solids around 11:30am. 1pm: nurses for nap. Nobody gets out of their room before 3pm in the afternoon! 4:30 or 5pm: solids. 5:45pm: bathtime! 6pm: nurses for bedtime. Down to waking once a night during this month to eat.

* Says Momma, Dadda, and many other sounds that we don’t really know if they are words or not. Pretty sure Abriella was saying more “words” by this time, but that’s pretty typical for girls. Boys aren’t usually as verbal as girls early on. He does love to “talk” though!

* Loves to bang and hit things. All boy!

* First time to be away from mommy at night occurred this month when I went to my Ladies Retreat. He really missed mommy! But, he did good all in all! Still totally a mama’s boy!

* Still no problem with strangers. He’ll let anyone hold him. That’s good and bad…!

Ok that’s about all I can remember from last month. Some of the above things have changed since then, but I’m trying to be true to what he did what month!

Ok, here is a link to some pictures I took right as he was turning 10 months old! Enjoy!

Pictures in early March, 2010

Ok, more posts to come. I’m trying to catch up!

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