Sorry that I have been bad at keeping up this week! Just a little recap. Yes, I know I need to still do Colby’s 10 month post. This week has been busy getting back into the swing of things after the retreat last weekend. God is so good, and this has been an awesome week! The kids are such sweeties! I have really enjoyed them this week. Unfortunately, Colby is now sick. He has an ear infection! Poor guy has been running some pretty high fevers since Friday morning. Got him seen rather quickly, right ear infected, left one red, but not infected yet. Started his antibiotics last night. Thankfully, he likes the antibiotics…and the Tyenol…and the Motrin…and whatever else we can give him with a syringe! He does not like having a fever (who does, really?)! Felt like I had a newborn again last night with as much as I got up with him! Praying tonight is better! Have been doing the good ole consignment sale this week. Did the drop-off of my stuff on Thursday morning, shopped Thursday night. Volunteered at the sale today for 4 hours. Will pick up my stuff that didn’t sell tomorrow night. David and Janet came in last night and Stephen and I went out for a little while. They left today after the kids went down for their afternoon naps. They’ll hopefully swing back by for another visit early-mid week. We went by the house today. Looking good!! Yay!! That’s about it for now! No energy for pictures right now. So sorry!! Another day.

Don’t forget to spring forward tonight!!

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