Easter Bunny 2010

Here’s our picture this year. Colby was sucking his thumb the entire time, but neither Stephen nor I noticed it until someone was commenting on his cuteness of doing such. We’re just so used to seeing it! We got Abriella to smile, but when she did, Colby was turned around looking up at the bunny. So, we went with the one where they were both at least looking forward! We’re ok with no smiles! Notice Abriella has her same arms crossed in front pose. She does this for every picture like this! Cracks us up! They look a little glassy in this picture too. Weird photo processing! And, of course, I’ll add the previous years so enjoy the flashback!



This is really the only reason I do these pictures is for comparison’s sake! Love to see how they change from year to year! WOW!

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