Friday Night Football

We went to the Belton High School football game on Friday. We knew we were probably going to a losing home game (we did), but we were given 4 reserved seats tickets by some church friends, so we went, and took another couple from church with us too. The high school is a 5A school, and has this amazing football field with astroturf(sp?) and everything. Apparently, they don’t have a very good team this year, and several people are guessing that they will go 0-10 this season. Sad huh? The game was still fun to watch.

Half-time was the most entertaining. I came from a small town and a small high school, so band was not real thrilling there. At Belton HS, they have a Marching 100 band! They are quite impressive! Even the college I went to didn’t have that good of a band. I was always under the belief that band was for the nerds. Not here! I would be proud to have my kid in this band. They are very talented and entertaining. Of course, we’d also love to have our kids very active in sports. I think I’d be a great "soccer mom." Anyway, Belton schools offer a lot of options for kids in sports and different activities, so that’s exciting. Of course, I suppose we’d have to have kids for that to even be important! haha.

Well, not much else going on here. We haven’t ventured out for rollerblading again yet. It was a busy week last week. Maybe we’ll go sometime this week. I have to get me some elbow pads first though! Have a great week!  –jen 

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