Gymnastics and Water Parks

Here are some more videos of Abriella’s 2nd week of gymnastics. She really is enjoying it! We have signed her up for the “unlimited” plan in July, which means she can go to as many classes as she wants. We’ll probably let her do at least a couple of times a week. I’m sure she’ll have fun. I just love how she listens, tries, asks when she needs help, and just smiles the whole time she’s there. Such a good experience for her!

Gymnastics wk 2- hanging bar

Gymnastics wk 2- arm stands on bar

Gymnastics wk 2- rings

Here is a short clip of Abriella and Colby playing in a little splash pad type thing when we were in Katy with Grandma. Abriella’s way of enjoying the water cracks me up. See for yourself.

Katy Water Park

We have been enjoying Stephen’s family this weekend. Uncle Nat showed up Friday afternoon. Colby’s way of saying Uncle Nat is about the cutest thing ever. I don’t think we ever successfully got it on video though. Maybe we can work on that. Pappa and Gammy showed up around 8pm on Friday. On Saturday, we all went to Build-a-Bear and then Chuck.E.Cheese’s to celebrate Abriella’s birthday a couple of weeks early. We are not going to have a party with her friends this year. There’s a lot to be said about parties with just family–low stress, more enjoyment, easier on the pocketbook to name a few. Anyway, Abriella was ok with foregoing a big birthday party if she could celebrate with Pappa! :-) I’ll have to take a picture of her with her new bear. She named her Abrizella. HA! She also got a rapunzel doll, legos, and some gun-type thing for her birthday so far. (Can you guess where the gun came from??). Stephen and I will get her gifts on her actual birthday and do another little cake or something on that day. She’s been asking for some computer thing for her birthday. Isn’t it crazy how early the electronics start?!

Here are some pictures from Katy with Grandma, Aunt Cheryl, and Little Grandma with the kids. Enjoy!

Visit to Katy
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