Approaching 30 Weeks

Can’t believe I’m almost 30 wks in this pregnancy. Before too long, we’ll start taking guesses on what this baby’s gender will be! I’ve been going back and forth on what I think. Some days, I think girl, and some days, I think boy.  Of course, every friend and stranger has their opinion that they are more than willing to share. I think it’s hilarious! Feeling pretty good. LBJ (little baby Joyner) is growing, growing, growing. That is evidenced by my ever-expanding girth but also by the strength of these movements! Wowzers. This baby is not gentle at all!  Lately, he/she has been laying transverse, so I’m getting abuse on both sides of my abdomen at the same time. Fun! HAHA! Anyway, here is a picture from this Sunday at 29 1/2 weeks.

As for the kids, they have been in the same room since before Thanksgiving! They are doing better every night. Colby is definitely the trouble maker in there. He climbs up into the top bed with his sister and irritates her, not allowing her to get to sleep, and also waking her up in the morning. However, we made the clock in there turn green at 7am (I hadn’t had it set like that in a while), and they are getting good about waiting until then to come out. Of course, Colby tries to yell at it to turn green…starting at about 6:45am some days. I did tell him the other day that this tactic doesn’t work and not to keep trying it, so he has not yelled at it in a couple of days, thankfully!

Yesterday, I moved all of his clothes into her room. He now refers to his old room as the baby’s room. We put the crib back together so that he won’t keep asking to sleep in there at various times. Waiting on our bedding to get here this week. Then, we’ll get some paint, and Stephen will paint the nursery. Yay! I’m about to go through our baby clothes to see what we have in there for a newborn. Just trying to get more prepared as we get closer!

Alrighty, it’s lunch time for me. More later! Stay warm during these cold days!

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