5 Months for the Ridster

Ridley is 5 months old today! It’s going so fast! Can’t believe he is approaching 6 months already!! Here are a few pictures from today for his month chair progression pictures. 🙂

and, another one that I didn’t put the date stamp on. this one shows his leg rolls well. 🙂

Here is the monthly progression pictures:

What is Ridley doing this month?

*talking and squealing up a storm! he loves to hear his voice and he gets rather loud at times! 🙂

*stubborn as all get-out on the bottle situation. we are going to try a couple of different bottles to see if we can get him to take another kind.

*rolling from tummy to back and back to tummy.

*can maneuver around in circles and forward by using his mad inchworming skills—gets his behind way in the air by getting his knees under him and then pushing forward. doesn’t use his arms so much with this move. doesn’t get up on all fours yet.

*loves to have his hands in his mouth, and this becomes a big, slobbery mess!

*drools. a. lot.

*doesn’t take a pacifier or suck his thumb, but puts himself to sleep beautifully! he gnaws on his hands, but that’s all so far. he is put in his bed completely wide awake the majority of the time, and he’s just smiling as you walk away. he talks a bit and moves around, but then goes to sleep on his own. it’s wonderful!

*after a crazy growth spurt after his antibiotics took effect for his ear infection, he now is sleeping longer stretches at night again. I may jinx myself by saying that though! Usually in bed by around 7-7:30 and has been waking 1 time in the night and then up sometime after 6:30 or 7 usually.  During that growth spurt, I’m guessing he gained about a pound in a week. Seriously. He’s somewhere above 15 pounds now. He didn’t gain any weight for at least 2 wks after he turned 4 months with his sick time. He tried to catch up the 2nd half of the month.

*very easy-going baby. he goes with the flow of things pretty well. we have been on the go a lot this summer in the mornings (library, parks, movies, etc). he will nap in the Moby Wrap and doesn’t fuss. he’ll sleep when necessary, but i always make sure we’re at home in the afternoons, and everyone is in their rooms starting around 12:30-1pm. He almost always takes a long afternoon nap (several hours).  we do not have a set nap schedule otherwise though. it’s working fine for now.

*wears 3-6 month clothes, but we could probably graduate to 6-9 month clothes just fine.

*still fully cloth diapered. doing great there!

*loves to give kisses and slobber on you!

*can sit in tripod for a little while. he’ll be sitting before too long!

*this little guy really just brings so much joy to us! the other 2 did, too, but there is just something extra special about this little guy. i just love his smile and his sweet nature! he’s about as sweet as can be!

That’s all for now! Happy 5 months, Ridley!! We love you sooo much!! Keep being sweet and smiley, little man!

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