16 Months

Today, Mr. Ridley is 16 months old! Here he is in a couple of pictures.

What is he doing now?

*wears 12 month clothes and 12-18 month clothes.

*cloth diapers

*transitioned to 1 nap a day. We don’t have a set time for it, but it is getting to be where he usually eats breakfast and lunch before napping.

*still nursing. He’s very good at his sign for “milk.” 🙂

*eating lots more in the “real food” category, as opposed to baby food. Loves tater tot casserole. who knew!?

*walking all over the place! his biggest hold up in this area is that he doesn’t stand up without having something to hold onto–he won’t stand up in the middle of the room. He’ll either crawl or bear-crawl to get somewhere where he can stand up and start walking again. This certainly limits him a bit.

*signs milk, water, more, all done, thank you, and learning eat. he’s saying a few words, but overall. he sticks to his signs and pointing to communicate–he does very good with his baby signs. waves bye-bye and also waves when you say night-night.

*loves to swing

*loves to climb

*loves to shake his head “no”–HA!

Super sweet little guy!! I don’t know how much he weighs, but he has really eaten well this month, eating lots of new foods. We absolutely love Mr. Ridley! He has been an amazing addition to our family!!

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