21 Months of Ridley

A few days ago, Ridley turned 21 months old. Three months until TWO! Whoa! He is hilarious when I tell him we need to take a chair picture. He’s done it so much that he goes to the chair and climbs in and sits. Now, when I took these pictures, and I asked if he could smile, he shook his head and said no. Booger! I managed to still get a couple, but not his best chair pictures. Such is life as you approach two!!

And, here is a gangsta Ridley taken a week ago. Love the one pants leg up look on him! HA!

He is growing up! He’s still nursing, but we dropped his naptime feed 2 weeks ago. It has been hard. He still gets sad a little bit when I tell him again that we are just drinking from a cup at naptime, if he needs a drink. It’s been so sad for both of us! We still nurse in the morning and at bedtime.

He wears anywhere from 18 month clothes to 24 month clothes. Just depends on the outfit. I need to find him some more clothes in the correct size b/c  all of my hand me downs from Colby and ones I bought for others…well, his small size caused him to miss the seasons on all of these. Uggh!

Adding new words everyday. Still does his fair share of grunting and pointing. But, he’s getting better at talking, too.

Definitely approaching 2 with his “mine, mine, mine!” 🙁

All in all, a sweet little guy. Loves to cuddle and be held by us–still not fond of grandparent or anyone outside of Mommy, Daddy, and his church teachers.

Ok, I would write a bit more, but I need a quick nap. I know I’m a day behind. I’ll catch up!

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