Another Pic by Melissa and Other Ramblings

So, Melissa keeps teasing me by sending me these pictures of Abs. I’m looking forward to seeing ALL of them. Thank you, Melissa, for your great work!! You are ssooo talented!


So, Abriella is walking (and running) all over the place these days. Stephen and I are both enjoying that. She seems to as well. She is really quite entertaining most days. I think she must get the entertainer/comedian trait from me. I was always trying to keep my Mom and brother entertained. She loves to be outside walking in the grass as well. She always wants to go outside (which she can also say), even though it is blazing hot! She doesn’t care if she’s sweating and her cheeks are all flushed! She also loves the water! She HATED going to pools this summer until one day (July 28th, to be exact—my Mom was still here), she just decided she LOVED it. It was the strangest thing. But, it made me happy!! I have hope for her being a swimmer afterall!! Yeah!! Also, she’s down to nursing once a day, at bedtime. We’ve taken it slow on the weaning. I didn’t want the change to be so abrupt (for her or me!), and she’s done fabulous. We’ve dropped a feeding every 2 weeks. I have no timeline for dropping this bedtime feed. I enjoy it and she does too, and if either of those changes, we’ll drop it, too. She will go to bed without that nursing (she did when I worked on Saturday), but she prefers to have it, and I enjoy the downtime with her as well. She really enjoys cow’s milk, too! She definitely got that from her Daddy! Thank goodness she did, though!

So, on another note, I have decided to become more organized in our house. I have come up with a daily cleaning schedule. Week one went very well. I also have started planning our menu for the week now, and I put the menu on our fridge. I’m feeling more accomplished and like a better domestic engineer this way! Plus, our house is clean!! That’s a definite bonus!

Also, Stephen and I will be teaching the 2-year-old class on Sunday mornings for the fall starting in a few weeks. My good friend, Amanda, encouraged me to think about doing this, and I asked Stephen about it, and he said, “Sure, I’ll help you. Just tell me what to do.” So, we’ll see how that goes. We know many of the little ones in this class, so that will be enjoyable for all, hopefully. Well, enough rambling. I know I haven’t finished my little slideshows of her first year, but we are enjoying watching the olympics right now!! Yeah for summer olympics!!

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