Marriage Work

Clearly, the ole blog has taken a back seat this year. I think about it, but the time does not present itself to complete anything beyond the thinking stage.

Stephen and I are attending a marriage study on Wednesday nights with 4 other couples in the home of the hosting couple. The host couple have lead this study for almost 20 years. They will have been married 45 years in May. We are blessed and challenged each week when we leave. We have homework every week to complete. Last week, we had to confess every single hurt we felt we had caused in our relationship from dating and through the entire marriage! And, ask for forgiveness. Both of us had to do this. Whew! It was hard, but good. The study is Intimate Encounters. We drop the kids off at church at 6:15 or so and then the study is from 6:30-815, and then we race back to get the kids at 8:30 and run home and hurry them to bed. They have been doing great, but we have to aim for early bedtimes on Thursday nights because they start to CRASH, especially Abriella. Sadness all around, and saying, “I AM NOT TIRED!!” HA!

Also, this next Saturday, Stephen and I are attending a marriage workshop in Colorado. We are very excited and anxious about it. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I know we’ll learn a lot. We both read the book, How We Love, which is how we went searching about for more and learned of the workshop. We are not perfect and we have to really work at our marriage. But, we are committed to it, and want to glorify God in our marriage. And, that takes work, if we are honest. We both brings lots of things from our past into the marriage, some good, some bad. We are searching to learn more about what hurts we have deep inside us that need healing. Also, what are our unmet needs? When we respond certain ways, is it because of something that is triggered from our past? How can we grow in intimacy, spiritually, emotionally, and physically? I could go on. Anyway, we are excited about what the Lord is doing in our marriage. 🙂

The kids are great! I will leave you with some pictures of them. These are from some snow we had one day in January, Ridley’s daily activity of getting a little drink after brushing his teeth (ha!), and Stephen and Abriella on their daddy-daughter date this past Saturday. Love my family!

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2 Responses to Marriage Work

  1. brittany says:

    Awesome. There was a point after 7 years of marriage where we looked back at our relationship and realized that we had been in some sort of marriage study since the day we were married. Must of done something right! : ) So helpful to have something to motivate you to open up and discuss those things we fear to bring up. And address the hurts. So glad this has been a good study for you guys and I look forward to hearing how the CO one goes!

  2. Matt J says:

    I think it is great you guys are doing this! Having a good marriage takes a lot of hard work, but it is totally worth it! Brittany and I participated in a marriage enrichment class last year at our church. We didn’t like the curriculum very much, but did enjoy the opportunity to put extra focus on having a stronger relationship. Bravo to you both!

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