School at Home

We had a rough start back to school this semester. Abriella was not interested in doing school at home pretty much ever. She wanted to play. She thought it wasn’t fair that she had to do school and Colby didn’t. She wondered why school was even necessary! She said she wished nobody had ever invented school. HA! So, we had some extremely fun days. [insert sarcasm]

We have since returned back to our regularly scheduled attitude with a bit of crank thrown in every now and then. The kids are doing good, too! HA! No, really, Abriella has come around big time. We continue to learn a lot as we go on this journey. It’s good. There is one thing that I have started doing on the days she says that she doesn’t want to do school. I tell her, “That’s fine. You don’t have to do it. But, you will have to be the one to explain to your teacher tomorrow why your work isn’t done.”  That has yet to fail to get her motivated to do her work. Now, attitude issues still arise, but that’s true for all of us, right? We’re all a work in progress, learning each day. We have recently moved our activities into the living room. I let Abriella choose the location each day. This has been her recent desired locale.

Ridley continues to increase the excitement to our homeschool days. ~sigh~  Here are a few pictures I’ve taken from our days at home recently.

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