Picture Catch Up

So, I post a lot of picture on facebook. I want to add those here, too. These are from back in August.

August 24th:

11885205_10153526368725119_6728375090362002317_n 11887861_10153526368800119_7948157394932042651_n 11898555_10153526368850119_7101855693217299127_n 11954819_10153526368925119_2060952155922699263_n

August 26th: Mutual Admiration Club.


August 27th: Smiles while sleeping. Brotherly Love.

11148697_10153533349350119_7416021330482600194_n 11951385_10153533417275119_8638045661982681150_n

August 30th: Not the first time he’s found his thumb.


August 31st: Napping beside mommy in bed. Found thumb again.

11145006_10153542973920119_1622068483755009447_n 11951169_10153542973890119_2824292465351696012_n

More pictures to come!

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