This Week’s Fun

Well, this week was not the best week ever, but I have nearly survived the entire week now. Monday night, I had a virus or food poisoning or something. I was sick as a dog from about 6pm to 3am. It was absolutely miserable. Being sick at any point in pregnancy is not fun, but the further along you get, the worse it gets. And, not that I don’t love our baby, but when you are sick from both ends and hurting all over, it certainly is quite annoying when you have a baby that doesn’t seem to understand what’s going on, and continues to kick and punch and roll around in your tummy. That doesn’t help matters at all! But, I was glad that she was being a trooper throughout the ordeal! I shouldn’t have gone to work on Tuesday after sleeping only about 2 hrs, but somehow, I decided to go anyway. I was exhausted for the next couple of days and continued to have an upset stomach for a little while too. But, I think we’re pretty much back on track now. Hope that doesn’t happen again!

On a more exciting note, we got our rocker/glider complete with an ottoman! It’s in our nursery now. Stephen’s getting close to finishing the changing table. The weather has gotten in his way a bit on that project. We’ve had a few storms this week. Last night, there really was a fierce storm that kept us inside. So, as soon as Stephen can, he’ll finish sanding that changing table and then we’ll stain it. Then, into the nursery it goes!

My brother is coming to visit us this weekend too. He’s supposed to be coming in tomorrow evening and then leave on Tuesday morning. So, hopefully, we can entertain him appropriately. He can watch me while I sit around and get fatter! haha!

I have a baby shower at church on June 10th! I’m excited about that. I can’t believe that’s in 2 weeks. I’m excited to start getting stuff for Abriella’s arrival. Once we make it through our showers, we’ll figure out what else we need to buy to fill in the gaps. Should be exciting!

Well, that’s all for now. Hope all have a safe Memorial Day Weekend!

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