30 weeks Pregnant

Yikes, we’re gonna have a baby! These are the things we think about often now. Are we ready to be parents? Probably not. Is anybody really ready to be a parent?! Anyway, we are very excited about our baby girl’s arrival in a few weeks. I can’t believe we’re in the last 1/4 of this pregnancy. Stephen said it best when he said to me the other day… You know, there are things we look forward to, like our ski trip, that comes and goes, and other things that come…and go. But, this day…will come…and doesn’t really go…it will change our lives forever! A baby will result in this anxiously awaited date. A BABY! She’ll come home with us! It’s such an awesome responsibility!

Well, I’ll move away from that deep subject now. I passed my glucose test a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t vomit it up or anything. Also, my thyroid is doing good too. So, all is a go for now. I had another appointment on Friday, and all was good. My weight gain was 4 pounds in 4 weeks and my fundal height was 4 cm in 4 weeks too. Can’t get any better than that. I have already scheduled all of my remaining prenatal appointments all the way through 40 weeks. Can’t believe I’m already to where I can do that!

I also got a haircut, if you haven’t seen that on my latest belly pics. One of the nurses on L&D used to be a hairstylist, and of course, she still does it on friends and so forth for a small fee. So, I was working nights this past week, and she brought all of her stuff, including the cape to cover you with. She was cutting one of the other nurses hair, and I told her I needed a haircut too. So, while I had a laboring patient down the hall, she cut my hair! haha! So, that was a good use of my crazy schedule these days. I’m happy to have shorter hair again!

Stephen has been working hard on trying to strip the changing table. It’s a nice brown underneath the black paint. It has turned into a bigger job than he anticipated however. But, he’s still hard at work on it. It’s gonna be really pretty when it’s all done. Also, we’re going to go pick up my glider/rocker and ottoman for the nursery this Tuesday night. I’m really excited about that. Then, we will be able to actually arrange the furniture in the nursery and get things more set up in there. Yeah!

I guess that’s about it for now. Check out my new belly shots. I can feel my skin stretching and pulling as it grows. I see women’s tummies grow all the time, but it’s pretty weird to observe the growth in your own abdomen. Just when you think your tummy can’t stretch anymore…it does! Well, hope everyone has a fabulous week!

–jen and abriella signing off Laughing

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