Abriella in 3-D

Hey Everyone! You can see some pics of Abriella Grace in 3-D in our pictures. She’s very cute! And, I don’t have a clue who she looks like! See what you think. She has her arm/hand up by her face. She is already a Southern Belle with that pose! haha! Verification of her gender was made in this sono as well. Still a girl! She’s head down right now, and her bottom is right under my ribs on my right side, which I already knew. She’s really a pain there! If I push down on her, she pushes harder right back at me! Anyway, she looks good. She’ll be here before we know it!

We also bought a buffet that we are going to use as a changing table. I will put pics of it in the baby stuff folder. We will probably paint it something else to match our nursery better. Not sure what though. I think it will be great, and we can eventually use it as a buffet. Smart, huh?

Well, enjoy the pics. Have a Happy Mother’s Day!!

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