Missing Pam and Other News

Pam, Stephen’s Mom, passed away on November 5th after a valiant battle against cancer. She was at home with family around her when she left to go meet Jesus. We drove to Lubbock that night and stayed through Sunday. It was good to be with family all week. We miss her terribly, but we know that God gave her the ultimate healing–she truly has a new body now! Her memorial was on Saturday and there were tons of people there. It was a beautiful ceremony! It ended with a slideshow of Pam starting from a baby. It ended with a beautiful picture of Pam with this huge smile, laughing. It was wonderful. That’s the way Pam would want to be remembered—smiling and laughing so big! It will be hard without her, but we know she is with us in spirit and we will get to have a glorious reunion with her one day!

So, we think it’s really true—Abriella is getting her bottom two teeth. She was so sad while we were in Lubbock, and had all the signs of teething, poor baby! Now, when we are able to look at her gums straight on, you can see the outline of her two teeth just below the gums. I guess her toothless grin will not exist before too long! Sad! Tomorrow, she will have her 4 month appointment, so we’ll see how she’s grown, and I’m sure she’ll not be happy with us regarding shots after that as well! Poor baby!

We are working on helping her to go to sleep on her own now. She’s done really well today. I put her in her crib, turn on her mobile (which we just got), and in a few minutes, she’s asleep. She’s also been taking her pacifier today, which probably makes her gums feel better, because she doesn’t take it otherwise! She’s also always chewing on her hands and fingers and sucking her thumb! Sweet baby girl!

So, on our way home from Lubbock, we hit a SKUNK!!! Immediately, we started smelling i’s wonderful odor. We had to smell that the entire way home, and our car still stinks of it! How in the world do you get skunk smell out of your car??? I asked Stephen why he couldn’t have hit a possum or something else less odoriforous??!! Just awful!

Well, I think this post is long enough. Sorry, I don’t have any pics to add. We took video while we were in Lubbock, and got some really cute footage of Abriella laughing hysterically. It was hilarious. She was really good when she started feeling a little better from the teething. She entertained lots of people. Such a cutie!

Have a great week!

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