4 Month Appointment

So, our big girl had her 4 month appointment today. She weighs in at a whopping 14 lbs 4 oz!! Her doctor said that my milk was good! haha! She is now 25 1/4 inches long. So, she said her weight is a bit above the 50% and her height is above 75%!! So, she is a bit long as people always comment. Anyway, she’s doing wonderfully! She showed off for the doctor and the doctor said that Abriella was “acting old” meaning she’s already doing things that older babies do. She said her head control was “excellent” for a 4 month old, and she did this other thing where she stood up with the doctor holding her hands, and she told us that was a 6 month task! So, our girl is trying to be an overachiever!

She got her shots as well, and she did sooo much better than last time! She had this REALLY LONG cry where I actually blew in her face to make her breathe! But, she got all 4 of her shots in that ONE cry! haha! She cried a little bit after that, and whimpered a bit on the way out of the building, but then she was asleep in the car before I left the parking lot. She’s been a trooper today. I’ve been giving her tylenol and she’s doing pretty good.

Well, we better get ready for church. Have a great day!

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