How Quickly Things Change…

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So, maybe I’ve slacked a little on the posts, but not that much. However, seems like sooo much has changed since the last post. Our little girl is growing up so fast! She has now flown on 4 different planes to and from Arkansas. I have to say she did pretty well. She was the welcoming committee on most of the flights, greeting everyone that passed in the aisle with her sweet smile. She slept on 3 of the 4 flights, and just did so well. I was proud.

So, she met her Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Miller in Arkansas. She just really loved them. She especially took to my Grandpa. She met her Great Uncle Jerry and also her Great Uncle Dale and Aunt Cheryl. Was super sweet to all of them. Then, she got to see her Grandma Miller and Little Grandma again. She had a grand time with them too. And, the wonderful trip to my hometown church. I think she was passed around to so many people, it was ridiculous. But, she was also being Miss Social Butterfly in that everyone that said hi to her was in turn greeted by a leaning, open armed baby waiting to be held by them! (She even did this to one lady that sat beside me on one of the flights, so that random lady got to hold my child as well!). Anyway, she was a pure delight on the trip. We’ve noticed that she has a thing for old men…more on that in another post.

Also, while we were gone, she finally decided to cut those bottom two teeth! She now has two teeth! They sure hurt when she bites down on you! OUCH! So, Sunday was the day that we got the first tooth, and you could tell the other one was right behind it, and I can feel it today. You can see both of them if the child allows you (you know, moving her tongue out of the way). Anyway, we are excited to see those first 2 teeth, however, I probably won’t be as thrilled if and when she bites down on me while nursing…..

Also, she is very close to crawling. Stephen predicts she’ll be crawling within a week. We’ll see. She gets those knees under her and then gets up on her hands, but she doesn’t do it at the same time, so she ends up going backwards. She has inchwormed forward a couple of times. But, she moves around in circles on her tummy like a pro, and she also is really good at sticking her bottom straight up in the air with straight legs. That’s attractive! She rolls all over the place. We’ve decided to make our front room a playroom. We just got some foam puzzle mats that we are gonna interlock and then we’ll get a couple of gates to keep her out of trouble! I’m excited about that. The mat pieces just came today. They are cool!

Oh, she’s also sitting like a pro, but, she’s not always terribly graceful about getting down on the ground from sitting. She does face dives or side dives or occasionally goes backwards. She just hasn’t figured out a graceful way to get onto her hands/knees yet from that position, but she’s getting there. But, she can sit forever just playing with things around her. It’s pretty cool.

Oh, I never reported on her 6 month doctor’s appointment (technically, she was 6 months, 6 days). Anyway, she weighed 16 lbs, 7 oz (just over 50%) and was 26 inches long (75%). Her head circumference was also right in the middle. So, I’d say she’s just perfect!! I’m pretty pleased! Mommy’s milk is doing just what it’s supposed to.

She is still eating solids here and there, but she’s not terribly interested in them. She has a few tiny bites and then she’s done. She’s had banana, sweet potatoes, avocado (think she really didn’t like that!), and mashed potatoes. She does well with them…just doesn’t want much of them. It’s all for the experience anyway. She still nurses just as much as before, which is where all her nutrition should be coming from now anyway. So, it’s all good.

Well, I’m going to close this now as the child is demanding my attention…..

More later. (Oh, Kristi, I haven’t forgotten your tag!).

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3 Responses to How Quickly Things Change…

  1. Chrissy says:

    So glad you guys had a good trip. Those pictures are cute, little “Abby” is all smiles. I showed Cooper the picture of her that you sent and he said, “Abby”. He remembers her. Thanks for the pics!!

  2. Mom/Grandma Miller says:

    It was great having you both here! The people at the office were so disappointed, however, that they didn’t get to see her. Maybe next time!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Ouch! Biting does not sound fun, but I’m glad that you are going to continue on. That i hilarious that she hits herself. Babies are so easily entertaining 🙂

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