Teeth Issues

For those that just want pictures, skip to the end. These are just some things I want to remember.

I went to the dentist recently after dealing with pain and swelling inside my mouth at the back on one side. Half of my face was also swollen. I couldn’t open my mouth adequately to eat normally, so I would have to manually move my food around with my finger to get it in the right place to chew! After a week of doing this (yes, I’m stubborn. we’ve established that previously), I finally hunted around for a dentist that could get me that same day. The dentist found that I was cutting one of my wisdom teeth on the top left, and it was causing some major issues as described above. He said it really needs to be extracted because there really isn’t enough room for it to come all the way in. But, as it was, he gave me antibiotics for a week and offered pain meds, which I declined, as I was used to the pain by that point! HA! He gave me some recommendations for oral surgeons in the area to contact about removing the tooth. Joy!

I have to put a little snippet in here about the dentist I visited that day. He was THE MOST compassionate, genuine doctor I think I have ever encountered. He was warm, kind, and just truly compassionate. I really was touched by that. I kept going on and on about him to Stephen that night. He truly was Christ-like in his actions (and, I have no idea if he is even a Christian!). I think I’ll be going back to him!

So, those are my current issues. Colby is having some troubles as well. If you’ll remember back to September, Colby hit his front tooth on the floor after a pushing “incident” with his sister. We visited the dentist then and they said it was not mobile and it was his frenulum that had been cut and caused bleeding! They couldn’t say for sure if his tooth was injured or not at that time, but said that it could turn dark or not, etc. Well, nothing happened to the tooth. Whew.

…Until a couple of weeks ago. He must’ve hit it again when Stephen was out of town on his Quest. I only say that because he had bleeding in his mouth again, so I can only assume he hit his mouth. These siblings play rough! Anyway, a week or two after he hit it, Stephen and I noticed one night that his left front upper tooth was turning grey. Oh boy. We watched it for a couple of days and then decided we should visit the dentist again. So, an appt was made for the following Monday.

Saw the same dentist. She said that this time, it was mobile. So, he’s supposed to be on a soft diet! Do you know how hard that is for a toddler who loves crackers, apples, suckers from the bank, etc? He doesn’t understand why I won’t give him certain foods right now. Anyway, the dentist said it is not necessarily dead. She said we were to come back in a couple of weeks for follow-up and xrays. We are to return sooner if the tooth gets looser. So, for now, he has a nice grey tooth, but it doesn’t seem to be getting looser. She said if it’s not dead, then it can lighten up in color over time, but probably will never be completely white again. But, it may stay grey. Lovely. There are certainly worse things than a grey tooth, I know. For now, he has a chipped, grey tooth in front. Doesn’t keep him from smiling big!!

For some pictures now (click on the link). I cropped one pic so that you can see his tooth.

playing in the bathtub
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  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    Michael had a brown tooth when he was about 4–he got hit in the mouth with a swing. Just left it in until he had permanent teeth.

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