Another round of antibiotics for all!

More stuff to remember.

Back in January, Abriella (and I) had strep throat. At that time, Abriella was given a referral to see ENT because her tonsils were HUGE! We finally had her appt at ENT at the beginning of this month. He said, yes, they were moderately enlarged (with no infection), but he not impressed with the fact that her referral was made after one person noticed her tonsils when she had strep throat. He seemed to think that was a little overkill. I kind of agreed, but I am concerned that she has snored while sleeping her entire life. Apparently this is not a good sign along with enlarged tonsils. From what I understand, those 2 factors are more of an indication to remove tonsils now than chronic infections. But alas, he said we should just watch and see what happens. Watch what, I don’t know. He also happened to mention that he is one of the conservative ones on removing tonsils. Ok, moving on. (to be continued below)

So, Colby has been a royal crank lately. Crying, always wanting to be held…but then he also started not eating well. This on top of a nasty cough and runny nose (both of which he’s had off an on the entire winter….what kid hasn’t, right!?). Finally decided to take him in on Monday of this week. Ears good, lungs clear, nose…funky! So, the snot has been causing his yucky cough. So, little upper respiratory infection that a little Amoxicillin should do just fine for. Thankfully, he LOVES the pink stuff now. Last time he had it (over a year ago), he HATED it, so it took 2 of us to medicate him—one to hold him down. one to force the medicine down his mouth. Ah, the joyful memories! HA!

Well, that same day, Abriella started complaining of her throat hurting. Stephen and I initially thought she just wanted some more pink stuff, too, as she really likes it as well. So, we ignored her for a few days. Today, I finally decided to take her to the doctor to make sure. Better this week while on Spring Break, then next week, when we’re back to all the weekly activities. I did take a look in her throat before we left to go to the appointment…

So, we get in to see the doctor. It was a different one than we normally see, and I really liked him. He’s been in practice for like 40 years or so. Nice older doctor, and Abriella liked him, too. Anyway, he gets to checking her out. One ear great. One ear, not so great, but not awful, but working its way to something.  Lungs good. Lymph nodes swollen in neck but Abs doesn’t complain of them hurting when he palpates them to his surprise. Throat…whoa! Those tonsils…! I said, yes, we went to ENT 2 wks ago. I told him what the ENT said about them being “moderately enlarged.” His response, “If these are moderately enlarged, I wonder what they consider BIG tonsils?!”  He goes on to ask if she “chokes down” or stops breathing during her sleep, as he’s already established that she snores.  I said we don’t think so (but obviously, I don’t sit at her bedside all night long). Anyway, his recommendation was that after May or June (when she’s well and we’re out of winter pretty good), we should go in her room and put our hand over her mouth while she’s sleeping and see if she can breath at all through her nose or if she awakens because she can’t breath. My guess is she’d wake up because she has always breathed through her mouth—we’ve tried to get her to breath through her nose during the day when she’s awake with little success.  He said he’d go knocking back on ENTs door at that time. So, we’ll see. ENT did say that their preferred age range for removing tonsils is around 4-6 yrs old. Poor girl. I have a feeling that will be in her future at some point. I had mine removed at age 6, so she’d be just like her mommy! Yippee.  Oh, so anyway, the girl got her some Amoxicillin today as well. Hope I dose everyone right!

So, here are some pictures for fun. Colby is the typical little brother to a big sister. See for yourself in the pictures.

Dress-up Time
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2 Responses to Another round of antibiotics for all!

  1. Mom/Grandma says:

    Looks like Colby is having a gender identity crisis and Stephen needs financial assistance in buying razors! haha!

  2. Holly says:

    Fun times. The pictures, not the sickness of course.

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