Drugs cause attitude improvement!

As I mentioned in the last post, Colby had been so cranky and clingy for a while. We had chalked it up to a “stage” that we were anxious to get past. Well, lo and behold, each day of antibiotics has caused his demeanor to become a fairly pleasant and sweet one again! I guess the little guy just didn’t feel good. Bad parents, we are!

Abriella finally appeared sick AFTER her doctor’s appt. Up to that point, it was just complaints here and there of her ailments. I mean, she really was sick as evidenced by the doctor’s exam. But, she didn’t really ACT sick. Well, Thursday when we were eating supper, she said her tummy hurt. We encouraged her to go to the potty, but she didn’t seem to think that was the issue. She said her throat hurt first, and then her tummy hurt. So, we pulled a chair up next to Stephen, and she laid her head in his lap as she curled up in the chair. We were just carrying on and Colby was running around the kitchen when we hear snoring. The poor girl fell asleep! THAT is the sick child we are used to! Anytime she is sick, she falls asleep anywhere. So, I grabbed Stephen a book and he sat there at the table while she slept in his lap. I went and put Colby to bed. We finally woke her up to take her to bed. She is on the mend now.

Stephen and the kids have been doing some yard work the last couple of days. Stephen set up a little garden area near the fence. We’ll see if it survives the abuse of the kids. Here are some pictures I’ve taken of him and the kids.

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  1. Estelle says:

    Jennifer, I had to take a doubt take on this one. I thought Abriella had NO pants or panties on. Whew!hahah

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