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I feel like I have just been going, going, going the last couple of weeks. Last week, I had all the routine activities (which is busy enough!) with consignment sale prepping and shopping added on top. Watched my friend, Amanda’s, 2 girls one afternoon, so that was fun. She took all my stuff to the consignment sale while I watched her kids, so I really felt like I got the easy end of the deal. She felt like she got the easy end, so total win-win situation! Also, good news is that I feel like we have pretty much outfitted both kids through the summer. Plus, I made a bit of money back that I spent. I’m throwing my unsold items from that sale, along with other stuff I found when switching out clothes, to another sale this week. I do not plan to actually shop this one, so it will only be money coming to me in this one. So, maybe I can even out the buying and selling more.

Saturday, I was a hostess for a baby shower. It was for my friend, Beth. I was blessed to deliver her baby boy a couple of years ago. Sadly, I won’t get that opportunity this go around. She is having a girl. Having one of each really is so neat! She’s about 36 wks now.

On Saturday morning, Stephen was unexpectedly asked to fly to San Diego…that afternoon! So, me and the kids have been sans daddy for a few days. We’ll go pick him up from the airport tomorrow afternoon. We’ve had a good week, but I’m definitely looking forward to having him back!

Monday, I took the kids to the dentist. It was a smashing success, as NEITHER KID CRIED AT ALL!! How great is that?! Abriella was a trooper, and she had the full cleaning and everything. I didn’t even stay with her because I had to go while Colby had his little exam and cleaning–he opened his mouth and closed it when they asked him to, and even said, “aahh.” It was cute. And, he also got an x-ray for his grey tooth. Colby even cooperated with the x-ray. Can you believe it?! I couldn’t! The verdict is still out on his tooth. The x-ray showed a possible fracture, but it was such a faint line, the dentist couldn’t tell for sure. The tooth is still mobile. She said if it gets more mobile or a little pimple forms above it (sign of infection/abscess), we have to come back and she’ll need to remove it, so he doesn’t swallow it. Then, he’d be toothless until a permanent tooth comes in. But, it’s possible none of that will happen, and there is still a possibility of it lightening up again. So, at this point, it’s just a wait and see type situation.

She also told me I should try to start working with him on stopping sucking his thumb! HA! Clearly the woman does not have children, especially those that suck their thumbs! He only sucks his thumb when sleeping, and has for a while now. I’ve even had people ask me if he stopped sucking his thumb (because when he was little, he always had it in his mouth). She said that it’s easier to break habits when they’re younger. While I agree with that somewhat, I do not see any reason to attempt at this point. From all I’ve read, it really doesn’t matter until their permanent teeth start coming in. Then, it can cause some more issues. But, that is a long time from now. I’m not going to stay in his room and keep pulling his thumb out of his mouth, and I’m certainly not going to start painting his nails with that yucky stuff or put a thumb guard on him at this point. And, from what she said, both of our kids are going to need braces one day anyway!  Anyway, no crying equals great dental appointments in my book!  Next one scheduled in 6 months!

Today, I had people coming in throughout the day doing little repairs around the house. We had our 11 month follow-up in our house last week. We asked that a few things be fixed (things that we should’ve asked about a while back, but just never got around to it), so that occurred today.

Tomorrow morning, I have a life insurance physical. Yippee. I already have it, but I can get a lower premium now because some things have changed which will put me in the lowest risk category. So, I have to get another physical. Fun times!  Then, we’ll pick up Stephen. Then, I will drop off my stuff for the consignment sale. Then, we go to church and teach the 3 yr olds.

Thursdays are always a little busy, so nothing changes there. Last week for gymnastics. I may look at putting Abriella in a tumbling class this summer. She has really enjoyed gymnastics. I have some pictures from her last class. See below.

Friday, I will leave to go to a weekend Women’s Retreat in Fredericksburg. This is our church’s 2nd annual retreat. My mom is coming this year, so that is cool! We have just over a 100 women attending this year. It starts Friday night and goes through Sunday morning. So, Stephen and I get one day together and then I leave town. HA! I have a few responsibilities at the retreat this year, which I wasn’t really anticipating. I was asked to consider some different things, and I prayed about each one, and God confirmed that He wanted me to step out and have the opportunity to grow in these areas that are not in my comfort zone. So, I have been praying that I will allow God to fully equip me for the weekend! Also praying for the hearts of each woman that attends— that this weekend will be uplifting, restful, and growing!

Ok, I think that’s most of what has filled the time since I posted last! Here are some pictures for your time and effort spent reading!

Tiny Tots Gymnastics – week 3

Have a great hump day!

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