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We are rapidly approaching the arrival of baby #3. What do you think the gender will be?? Here is some info to help, maybe. I was sicker this time than with Colby, but not as sick as with Abriella. I had 2 dreams earlier in pregnancy that it is a boy. Stephen has had a dream that it’s a girl. The heartbeat has been in the mid-140’s. I’m carrying different this time than either of the other 2 pregnancies, but couldn’t even tell you how different, but it just feels slightly different (the first 2 were the exact same). Good luck!

If you are really into guessing things, you can also throw in a guess for when you think this baby will arrive, and the weight!! I’m due February 16. Abriella arrived 3 wks before her due date, weighing 6-6. Colby arrived 2 wks before his due date (ok, technically 13 days), weighing in at 7-7. So, what about this one??  You can guess in the comments.

Winner of each category will get…a big ole pat on the back and a “way to go!” 🙂

Is baby Joyner #3 a boy or a girl?
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