Ridley- 10 months!

Yes, I’m a little behind on this. So sorry! Ridley turned 10 months old on Thanksgiving Day this year! What a cutie he is. A skinny baby for us, but a super cute baby! And sweet! We were in Lubbock for Thanksgiving, so I didn’t get his picture made until a week late. Well, the delay at that point was due to a sick baby. Ridley ended up being sick halfway through our trip. We got home on Sunday night, and I took him to the doctor on Monday afternoon. Bilateral ear infection! No wonder he wouldn’t sleep our 3rd night there except if he was sleeping ON me and if I was inclined. And, he was running a fever–the hottest I’ve ever felt him, and I know he has been at least 102 before, but he was hotter than that. I didn’t get his temp because I was in a hotel and didn’t have a thermometer with me. Oh, yea, that made for a fabulous time—being in a hotel with a very sad, crying loudly, baby. Nothing like that to wear you out! Thankfully, Stephen came over in the morning when I texted him of the night’s events, and let me sleep for about 45 minutes while he held Ridley. Poor little guy. He’s almost done with his antibiotics. He didn’t start really turning towards obvious improvement until about 5 days into the 10 days of antibitoics. Whew. But, he’s doing good now!

So, here he is at 10 months:

What has he done the last month?

*wears primarily 9 month clothes still, but wears some 12 month clothes, which are all pretty much just too big on him. Such a skinny booger.

*weighed 17 lbs 14 oz at his doctor’s appt on the  26th of November ( a few days after turning 10 months old), so up about 10 oz from his 9 month appt.

*crawling everywhere and pulling up everywhere. Some cruising as well, but nothing too crazy in that area.

*says lots of things like mama, dada, and ahduh, and /d/ and other sounds. haha! Loves to play with the pitch of his voice, too. So funny!

*big time into mama these days! If mama ain’t in sight and truly if mama ain’t holding him, he is not super happy! 🙂

*still naps twice a day and goes to bed early. Has been waking at night off and on due to fevers and ear infections this month. He had a few days of fevers at about 9 1/2 months (didn’t end up taking him to the dr then, but i bet that was the beginning of the ear infections…). Hoping to get back to him sleeping solidly at night again.

*eats all kinds of dry, crunchy things–crackers, cereal, mum-mums, baby-food cookies, puffs, yogurt melts, etc. He’s still not into baby food or anything slippery or slimy. I think it’s a texture thing for him. I’ve even tried coating banana pieces in cheerio dust. No go. I did just find some baby yogurt (Gerber yogurt blends) that he really likes (that’s technically in this month though, not last month).

*Always gets comments on his big, beautiful, blue eyes! 🙂

*has 5 teeth, that we know of. 2 on top, and 3 on bottom (middle 2, and 1 more on the left of middle). drools a lot, so always thinking more are on the way, but he doesn’t let us check inside his mouth to find out!

*loves baths! he loves to splash and play with the bath toys. He baths in the blow up ducky which all 3 kids have used.

*First long road trip occurred at the end of this month, driving to Lubbock. He did pretty well! He falls asleep even if it is loud around him (which is likely), but he only sleeps 30-40 minutes in the car, which makes for long trips when he only takes a couple of those short naps.

*loves to stuff things in his mouth that don’t belong…

*loves to play in the tunnel in our playroom. Just crawls through that thing over and over. Of course, his siblings love to get at the other end and talk to him as he crawls through. 🙂

*super sweet boy! still our sweetest baby! makes you want 100 more just like him…or no more, because you know surely no other baby can be as sweet at him! 🙂

We love you, Ridley David Joyner!!

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