Yesterday, we picked up the kids from school, and headed to get our first ultrasound of this pregnancy. This is what we got to see (I know, you may be like, what? what DO we see?!).


We could see that there is a teensy growing baby in there, and we could see the heart flicker. The sonographer measured it at 130. Baby is measuring exactly on schedule at this point.

The sonographer was the same one that did our scan when we confirmed Tiny was no longer alive. The events of that day are so vivid in my mind, however, the people, not as much. She was the one that mentioned that she had seen us before. That was when I realized it was the same lady. I just remember she didn’t say much, if anything. It was the main lady that runs the u/s place that was in there that told us what we were seeing on the screen that day in April–it was obvious to me anyway on that day.

We were relieved yesterday to see that all is going well at this point. We still have a long ways to go, so we continue to covet your prayers. We are just thankful for yesterday, and we are thankful the kids could go with us. They loved getting to experience that!

The people at the u/s place are so sweet. They said that anytime I wanted to come in up to 12 wks, they would do a scan on me for free. I could come in every week if I wanted to. They just don’t want me to have to sit at home and worry. Super kind of them.

Thank you for the continued prayers!

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