31+ wks Pregnant and Dreaming!

Well, here we are in the final few weeks. Will baby’s birth be close to Ridley’s arrival at 36 3/7 wks or closer to Colby’s at 38 1/7 wks? Or will this baby hang out longer in the cooker? I’m willing him/her NOT to come any earlier than Ridley! I am 31 2/7 wks today. Yesterday, this was a picture I took of myself.


The kids start school on August 18th, the day I’m 37 wks (that is when Abriella arrived–her birthday is today actually!). If I had my preferences (like I have a whole lot of say in it!), I’d prefer this baby to come that 1st weekend after they start school. That would be great! HA! We’ll just see! We are trying to be prepared for an earlier delivery like the others, but also trying to mentally prepare for going even further in pregnancy. There’s nothing to say I can’t go further in pregnancy. Who knows why I’ve delivered on the earlier side with the others!?

While we’re talking birthdays, here are some pictures of Abriella from hers today. What an amazing girl she is! She challenges me daily…many times because she’s a lot like me!! She is so smart, loves all things artsy, LOVES to read (and loves to read the Bible!!), is tender-hearted, a bit on the dramatic side indeed 😉 , but she is a delight, and I’m so thankful that God chose me to be her mommy! Happy birthday, Abriella Grace!!

DSC_0101 DSC_0113


The pregnancy dreams have been crazy lately. I had a dream in the 2nd trimester about having a baby boy. It was a very vivid dream. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I had a very, very vivid dream of the birth of a baby girl! So detailed. She arrived at 37 wks, was 7 lbs 13 oz, and was 23 inches long (LONG! HAHA!), and Stephen thought we had decided her name was Naomi! What?! In the dream, I said, “Her name isn’t Naomi!” I told him it was Eliana. He was like, “Eh, Eliana, Naomi…they sound about the same.” WHAT?! HA!

I still don’t have strong feelings either way. In some sense, I figure we’ll have another boy just because that’s our current runnings. That would be convenient since we have clothes a plenty to clothe a boy! But, it would be fun to have another little girl, and Abriella really wants a sister! We’d need lots of clothes for a girl, but that would be fun!

Well, last night, I had another crazy girl dream. This time, in the dream, the baby was pushing out in my tummy with its head so hard that Stephen and I could actually see the facial features. Weird, right? But, the dreams gets weirder. Stephen decided we’d just see what the gender was by cutting the baby out for a few minutes and then we’d put the baby back in!! So, you know, just a little c-section! Oddly enough…I didn’t stop him in the dream! He did a little cut off to the side, and pulled the baby out. When I checked, the baby was a girl! Weird dream detail–the girl’s labia minora were big/swollen, so I had to separate them to really make sure it was a girl indeed. Who dreams that way?!?!

Anyway, we were thrilled it was a girl. Then, Stephen said we’d just put the baby back inside me and wait for delivery. I was like, uh, you can’t do that! And, he had already clamped the cord in 2 spots, so that was definitely impossible. He was like, oh, huh. She was a nice big size, so we kept her out. It was a bit strange trying to explain to others how things played out in the dream. But, apparently, the uh surgery didn’t bother me! So odd! Then, the whole Naomi name came up again! Again, I said to Stephen, “Her name is not Naomi!” What is it with Naomi?? I guess I need to look that one up to see if my mind is subconsciously telling me something. haha.

Anyway, dreams are funny. Sometimes, I think there can be meaning to them. Other times, I think they are just whack! So, hard to say what’s going on here. Stephen finds them pretty entertaining though. I do have to say they make me laugh a bit. Anyway, I’ve had dreams both ways on the gender this pregnancy, and I don’t remember that happening in the other pregnancies. With the others, there was a clear gender dream, and it was right. This one, not so much. God truly wants us to be surprised, I guess!

Pregnancy wise, I’m feeling good most days. This baby is a big mover. The movements are starting to get more and more uncomfortable. He/she has hiccups every night, too, and sometimes other times during the day. We are praying all the time and anxiously anticipating the arrival of this baby. Please continue to pray with us!


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